Male Sexual Health – Loss Of Libido, Impotence, & Sexual Weakness

Awareness of male health and sexual problems has increased dramatically during the past couple of years. Men today publicly seek out guidance for issues like impotence, low libido, pre mature ejaculation, dysfunction, and penis size. The majority of these ailments are associated, and frequently the indicators might indicate to more than 1 issue.



The term libido is used regularly in issues of male intimate procedure or sexual health issues. Libido, to put it simply, is only the sexual appetite. There are many technical definitions like what we could see in the work of Carl Jung; “A libido is totally free psychic or creative energy that an individual needs to place toward personal development or individuation. ”

Loss of Libido

Libido also depends upon your mood or psychological health. Anxiety, lifestyle, and diet affect male libido. Loss of libido is now getting to be one of the significant issues in present times.

Deficiency of libido might not be too prevalent for men as for women. Approximately 15% guys suffer with loss of libido world around as compared to approximately 30 percent women. But, men who suffer from loss of libido are more scared than girls. They believe that their masculinity is directly proportionate with their sexuality and consequently, loss of libido is connected with loss in masculinity.

Loss of libido is a slow procedure. Someone may explain this as lack of interest in sex for many months of this year! Be aware that frequency of sexual intercourse isn’t the ideal instrument to measure sexual attention.

Know your point of libido

You will find a great deal many signs to spot your libido degree. Researchers agree that it’s ideal to address these problems before they turn to by symptoms. Below are a few of the identification factors which stage to loss of libido.

You’ve stopped dreaming and thinking about sexual activities with your spouse.