About Labradoodles

Alpen Ridge has had Australian Labradoodles and has been a constant member of Australian Labradoodle Breed physicians in good condition the entire time, which includes the Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

Alpen Ridge has ever been based on a guardian program where the breeding dogs live with families not in kennels or overcrowded conditions. This enables them to be the partners they’ve been bred to function and also have their very own lifelong households. Furthermore, the dogs have been created in my home. They get a lot of socialization and handling for example with children. The dogs get to remain with their mothers till approximately 6 weeks old who allows them the very important development and learning that a mother gives her dogs notably between 4 – 6 weeks old. Alpen Ridge is not into mass production of dogs. My focus is quality dogs which are reared in a home environment. You become a part of the Alpen Ridge Family, not only a customer.

Researching for the Labradoodle:

Odds are, on your research, you will come across phrases Like “Multi-Gen” (Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle), “Early-Gen”or”F1” (Labradoodle Origin) and “Back Cross” or “F1B”. Below are a couple of helpful suggestions to understand just what a breeder means if they are using these phrases.

The first multi-gen Australian Labradoodle, that is the Initial Labradoodle, carries a foundation inventory including 6 different parent breeds. These dogs are created in Australian, and therefore that the “Australian” in the name of those dogs. The verified parent breeds in the ALA (Australian Labradoodle Association, Inc.) are: poodle (all 3 dimensions), Labrador retriever, Irish water spaniel, curled coat retriever, American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel. This can be a breed that has been developed for goals in your head for a low-carb service dog rather than even a designer dog.